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Miniature Donkeys For Sale at Seein' Spots Farm in California


Our gates are usually open on the weekends from 11:00 am to 3:00pm
If you would like to come during the week, please call 805-688-2275 for an appointment

News Flash - We are on Jack Hanna!!

We had some excitement here with Jack Hanna filming a show about our donkeys. Seein' Spots Farm is being featured on The Jack Hanna Show "Into The Wild."  The episode is called "Galloping Into Solvang" and you can check his website for dates and times that it airs in your area!! **We also made Jack Hanna's list of Top 10 Things To Do In California!!! **


We are a small family farm located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara. Our donkey farm was originally The Ballard Apple farm with over 800 apple trees. We now have 80 trees with 12 different varieties, some of them antique varieties from Europe.  Families have been coming to our farm to pick apples for many years.  Our picking season usually runs from late August to November. Most of the land is now being used for our precious Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys.

We started with two little donkeys in 1998 and fell madly in love with these sweet equines.  It is our mission to educate everyone possible on how wonderful, intelligent, funny and affectionate these mini donkeys are.

We are deeply committed to raising the very finest miniature donkeys possible.  We have sought out proven bloodlines from all over the country and aim to breed the best possible miniature donkeys.  All of our foals are imprinted at birth and cared for daily with loving individual attention.  Miniature donkeys are the sweetest, most affectionate equine pet you will ever find.  They will steal you heart from your first donkey hug.  We encourage our buyers to keep in touch and we are always available to answer questions.  We love to “talk donkeys” so please come by for a visit.  You don’t have to be a buyer; we love to share our donkeys!

Visitors are always welcome at our farm.  We offer kiddie rides to small children and encourage everyone get to know these sweet donkeys.  Our donkeys have been "servers" at wine tastings, carried baskets of flowers in many weddings, dressed up “fiesta style” for parties, been beer burros and we have packed them with lunches for picnics.  We think that miniature donkeys are the best kept secret and have made it our mission to educate everyone possible on how loyal, affectionate and intelligent they are.  Please come by and meet our donkeys. We are a rescue farm with goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, ducks, guinnea pigs, chickens, geese, tortoises, a mule, a mammoth donkey and a Zonkey, and of course dogs and cats. We invite anyone interested in learning about miniature donkeys or our rescued animals, to our farm.


One of our donkeys, Nacho was in Vogue Italia.
Here is the link to check it out online: .

Miniature Donkeys - Santa Barbara News-PressWe are so glad to have had the opportunity to share our miniature donkeys!
We were guests on the Ellen Degeneres Show - pictures can be seen on our pictures page.

An article was published about our in the Santa Barbara News-Press.

We were featured in the .

We were also featured in the .

Our miniature donkey, Thelma, was in a wedding. The article was featured in the . The article can also be seen as a .

Our miniature donkeys were also featured in another article in the . The article can also be viewed as a .

We were featured in by the Santa Ynez Valley Journal.


Linda with Miniature Donkey Foals   At the Show with Miniature Donkeys   Chad holding a Miniature Donkey Foal

The Marchi Family
2599 Baseline Avenue
Solvang, CA 93463